6 Maj 2013 11:05

Welcome to IFRS Accounting Forum 2013

This year’s event will be the 8th edition in our series of IFRS Accounting Forums and we look forward in our continuous success in bringing together this platform for accounting professionals to exchange knowledge and experience relating to IFRS standards and accounting policies.

IFRS remains a critical challenge for listed companies; with standards repeatedly amended or issued every year, there is a lot at stake and much to be understood in order to remain updated on the latest regulations.  This year, the agenda is divided in two:

Morning: New developments in and changes to the accounting rules according to IASB
The IASB regularly meets to discuss standards, take in recommendations from comments periods, and issue new exposure drafts.  The first part of the conference will delve in the technical aspects of new or amended standards that will come into effect in the near future and that will have universal impacts for accountant professionals and their organizations.  Sessions will include both generic looks (from Jan Engström of IASB and our Chairman David Alexander) as well as zoomed-in workshops (from IFRS experts).  Some of the regulations that will be looked into relate to financial instruments, leases, revenue recognition, among others.

Afternoon: Analyzing IFRS, the challenges and repercussions
In a more interactive approach than ever, the afternoon will give you greater insight into the standards with analysis from both experts and industry users like yourselves.  You will also have the opportunity to express your concerns and ask both broad and specific questions through our roundtable and panel discussion.  Both upcoming standards and recently issued ones will be looked into, to understand the current challenges and the latest developments.  Issues such as Pension, Leases, Financial Instruments, Rate-Regulated Activities, Insurance Contracts, and Revenue Recognition will be looked into.

Join us in our growing platform where, among peers, you will be able to ask understand the new standards and explore concerns with current ones, all the while given the opportunity to express your opinions.

I look forward to welcoming you in Stockholm this November.

Thomas Igou, Content Director, IFRS Accounting Forum 2013

14 Aug 2012 11:08

Welcome to IFRS Accounting Forum 2012

The only independent Nordic IFRS conference is celebrating its 7th birthday this year and remains to be the best business platform in Scandinavia to exchange knowledge and experience among accounting professionals like yourself.

IFRS continues to change at a rapid space and thus provides numerous questions to discuss every year. Companies applying IFRS are in need of and call for regular updates and thorough education on the changes. IFRS Accounting Forum on 16th November will give you the unique opportunity to learn about the latest and planned IFRS developments and the practical implications of the amendments.

The conference program is structured along 3 main themes:

  1. 1. Policy issues – Institutional updates
    This session will give you the opportunity to listen to our keynote speaker from IASB and learn about the latest developments and expected changes in accounting rules. A special attention will be paid to the convergence projects of revenue recognition, leasing and financial instruments. The European perspective to this topic will be provided by our second keynote speaker from EFRAG.

2. Recent and proposed technical changes in IFRS – Updates from our top consultants

  1. At IFRS Accounting Forum 2012 you will listen to renowned IFRS consultants from top consulting firms such as PwC, Ernst&Young and Deloitte who will guide you through the practical aspects of IFRS changes and share their expertise as regards application of standards.

3. The practical application of IFRS – from industry and analyst perspective

This session will help you understand how other companies deal with changes to IFRS accounting rules:

  • A panel debate with the participation of leading Scandinavian companies to discuss practical implications of new IFRS regulations
  • Peter Malmqvist, Sweden’s best known stock analyst will share his views on accounting issues from an analyst/investor perspective

This year’s IFRS Accounting Forum will address but not limit itself to the following topics:

  • Financial instruments – Explore the contents of the proposed models and identify problematic areas
  • Fair value measurement – Get clear application guidelines and identify the implications for other standards
  • Leases – Get updated about the progress of the project
  • Pension – Get prepared for the new accounting rules to be applied from 2013
  • Revenue recognition – Learn about the contents of the project and see what it implies for other standards
  • Consolidation and joint arrangements – Get prepared for the new accounting rules to be applied from 2013
  • Financial statement presentation – Gain insight into the practical implications

Do not miss the chance to participate in this year’s IFRS Accounting Forum to gain insight in the most relevant IFRS topics.

I look forward to meeting you on 16th November in Stockholm!

Fruzsina Steiner, Content Manager, IFRS Accounting Forum 2012

10 Maj 2011 09:05

Welcome to the IFRS Accounting Forum 2011

The IFRS Accounting Forum is the only independent Nordic IFRS platform which annually joins over 100 CFOs, financial managers, economists from listed companies, banking & insurance and from financial institutions, accounting managers, auditors, consultants and controllers from across the Nordics.

Over the past 5 years professionals like you have exchanged knowledge and learned about the latest and planned IFRS developments and the implications of those requirements for financial reporting, auditing and analysis of financial statements.

The 6th annual Accounting Forum on 16th November 2011 will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the latest and planned IFRS developments and the implications those requirements for both those who prepare and those who analyse financial statements. At the Forum you will get familiar with the perspectives of the financial analyst Peter Malmqvist on IFRS and the latest projects of changes to IFRS globally, from EFRAG and IASB/IFRS Foundation. In addition, you will be able ask questions to lading accounting firms on their interpretations of financial reporting requirements. You will also be able to learn from, and ask questions, of leading professionals responsible to report and prepare IFRS financial statements.

The 2011 agenda has three main themes. One main theme examines the policy issues and practical implications of the work of the IASB, EU adoption of IFRS and the convergence of IFRS and US GAAP. Further focus it put on the implications for recent and forthcoming technical changes in IFRS’ requirements. Finally, you will learn more about dealing with the practical implications of IFRS for companies and analysts and how to gain effectiveness to your financial reporting.

10 Maj 2011 08:05

Chairman David Alexander sums up the agenda for 2011

“In brief, the agenda looks as follows:

As a Chairman, I will briefly introduce the event and ensure that the detailed presentations take some cognizance of their implications from delegates’ perspectives. The opening remarks will cover the relevance of IASB standards, explicitly designed for ‘general purpose financial statements’ with investors as the primary user and challenges facing the organisation.

Convergence & Policy: The IASB member Jan Engström will speak on harmonization process and new standards, such as revenue recognition, leasing, financial instruments & Insurance and SMEs. To add, we will have the European views on this process, by Françoise Flores, Chairman of EFRAG.

Recent and proposed technical changes in IFRS – Key areas covered

  • • New standards on consolidation and accounting for joint arrangements: Carl- Henrik Lindgren, Executive Director, Specialist IFRS, IFRS desk, Ernst & Young,
  • • New proposals for pension and leasing accounting will significantly affect the key ratios of many companies: Claes Janzon, Head of IFRS Unit & Partner, PwC Sweden
  • • Accounting for Financial Instrument: Andreas Fransson, Accounting Specialist, Deloitte.

The Practical Implications of IFRS to companies and analysts
Issues which companies and analysts encounter with the IFRS financial reporting system will be discussed at:

  • • A panel debate entitled “Companies IFRS Practice Debate”, which has already confirmed Lars Sandström, CFO, Swedish Ophan Biovitrum AB as one of the panelists, in addition to Novo Nordisk A/S and NCC.
  • • Peter Malmqvist, one of Sweden’s most well versed financial analysts and head of the Association of Swedish Financial Analysts, bringing the analyst views on valuation problems
  • with hedge accounting, with discontinued operations and value changes for real estate and forest and effects of leasing reporting, and
  • • A session where I will give remarks on Revenue Recognition & Fair Value, two complex areas of great controversy, with the contribution from other speakers.

Welcome to Stockholm on November 16th.

David Alexander, Internationally respected Accountancy Academic, former Professor of international Accounting, University of Birmingham