Chairman David Alexander sums up the agenda for 2011

10 Maj 2011

“In brief, the agenda looks as follows:

As a Chairman, I will briefly introduce the event and ensure that the detailed presentations take some cognizance of their implications from delegates’ perspectives. The opening remarks will cover the relevance of IASB standards, explicitly designed for ‘general purpose financial statements’ with investors as the primary user and challenges facing the organisation.

Convergence & Policy: The IASB member Jan Engström will speak on harmonization process and new standards, such as revenue recognition, leasing, financial instruments & Insurance and SMEs. To add, we will have the European views on this process, by Françoise Flores, Chairman of EFRAG.

Recent and proposed technical changes in IFRS – Key areas covered

  • • New standards on consolidation and accounting for joint arrangements: Carl- Henrik Lindgren, Executive Director, Specialist IFRS, IFRS desk, Ernst & Young,
  • • New proposals for pension and leasing accounting will significantly affect the key ratios of many companies: Claes Janzon, Head of IFRS Unit & Partner, PwC Sweden
  • • Accounting for Financial Instrument: Andreas Fransson, Accounting Specialist, Deloitte.

The Practical Implications of IFRS to companies and analysts
Issues which companies and analysts encounter with the IFRS financial reporting system will be discussed at:

  • • A panel debate entitled “Companies IFRS Practice Debate”, which has already confirmed Lars Sandström, CFO, Swedish Ophan Biovitrum AB as one of the panelists, in addition to Novo Nordisk A/S and NCC.
  • • Peter Malmqvist, one of Sweden’s most well versed financial analysts and head of the Association of Swedish Financial Analysts, bringing the analyst views on valuation problems
  • with hedge accounting, with discontinued operations and value changes for real estate and forest and effects of leasing reporting, and
  • • A session where I will give remarks on Revenue Recognition & Fair Value, two complex areas of great controversy, with the contribution from other speakers.

Welcome to Stockholm on November 16th.

David Alexander, Internationally respected Accountancy Academic, former Professor of international Accounting, University of Birmingham