Welcome to the IFRS Accounting Forum 2011

10 Maj 2011

The IFRS Accounting Forum is the only independent Nordic IFRS platform which annually joins over 100 CFOs, financial managers, economists from listed companies, banking & insurance and from financial institutions, accounting managers, auditors, consultants and controllers from across the Nordics.

Over the past 5 years professionals like you have exchanged knowledge and learned about the latest and planned IFRS developments and the implications of those requirements for financial reporting, auditing and analysis of financial statements.

The 6th annual Accounting Forum on 16th November 2011 will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the latest and planned IFRS developments and the implications those requirements for both those who prepare and those who analyse financial statements. At the Forum you will get familiar with the perspectives of the financial analyst Peter Malmqvist on IFRS and the latest projects of changes to IFRS globally, from EFRAG and IASB/IFRS Foundation. In addition, you will be able ask questions to lading accounting firms on their interpretations of financial reporting requirements. You will also be able to learn from, and ask questions, of leading professionals responsible to report and prepare IFRS financial statements.

The 2011 agenda has three main themes. One main theme examines the policy issues and practical implications of the work of the IASB, EU adoption of IFRS and the convergence of IFRS and US GAAP. Further focus it put on the implications for recent and forthcoming technical changes in IFRS’ requirements. Finally, you will learn more about dealing with the practical implications of IFRS for companies and analysts and how to gain effectiveness to your financial reporting.