Welcome to IFRS Accounting Forum 2012

14 Aug 2012

The only independent Nordic IFRS conference is celebrating its 7th birthday this year and remains to be the best business platform in Scandinavia to exchange knowledge and experience among accounting professionals like yourself.

IFRS continues to change at a rapid space and thus provides numerous questions to discuss every year. Companies applying IFRS are in need of and call for regular updates and thorough education on the changes. IFRS Accounting Forum on 16th November will give you the unique opportunity to learn about the latest and planned IFRS developments and the practical implications of the amendments.

The conference program is structured along 3 main themes:

  1. 1. Policy issues – Institutional updates
    This session will give you the opportunity to listen to our keynote speaker from IASB and learn about the latest developments and expected changes in accounting rules. A special attention will be paid to the convergence projects of revenue recognition, leasing and financial instruments. The European perspective to this topic will be provided by our second keynote speaker from EFRAG.

2. Recent and proposed technical changes in IFRS – Updates from our top consultants

  1. At IFRS Accounting Forum 2012 you will listen to renowned IFRS consultants from top consulting firms such as PwC, Ernst&Young and Deloitte who will guide you through the practical aspects of IFRS changes and share their expertise as regards application of standards.

3. The practical application of IFRS – from industry and analyst perspective

This session will help you understand how other companies deal with changes to IFRS accounting rules:

  • A panel debate with the participation of leading Scandinavian companies to discuss practical implications of new IFRS regulations
  • Peter Malmqvist, Sweden’s best known stock analyst will share his views on accounting issues from an analyst/investor perspective

This year’s IFRS Accounting Forum will address but not limit itself to the following topics:

  • Financial instruments – Explore the contents of the proposed models and identify problematic areas
  • Fair value measurement – Get clear application guidelines and identify the implications for other standards
  • Leases – Get updated about the progress of the project
  • Pension – Get prepared for the new accounting rules to be applied from 2013
  • Revenue recognition – Learn about the contents of the project and see what it implies for other standards
  • Consolidation and joint arrangements – Get prepared for the new accounting rules to be applied from 2013
  • Financial statement presentation – Gain insight into the practical implications

Do not miss the chance to participate in this year’s IFRS Accounting Forum to gain insight in the most relevant IFRS topics.

I look forward to meeting you on 16th November in Stockholm!

Fruzsina Steiner, Content Manager, IFRS Accounting Forum 2012