About us

IFRS Accounting Forum
IFRS Accounting Forum has been organized and run by Midfield Media for the past 8 years and is an established platform for CFOs, financial managers, economists from listed companies, banking & insurance and from financial institutions, accounting managers, auditors, consultants and controllers from across the Nordics. Over the years, we have built a reputable occasion for senior professionals to exchange knowledge, best practice and learn further about the planned IFRS developments and the implications of those requirements for financial reporting, auditing and analysis of financial statements.

About Midfield Media
Midfield Media is a leading provider of business critical seminars and executive forums within the private sector, such as the IFRS Accounting Forum and Beslutsdagarna. With a highly professional approach, we have been able to build up a reputation of reliability and success in delivering outstanding and high-impact events for executives within the Nordics. We provide the key insights into the opportunities and challenges facing organisations today with the latest on future trends and market developments. It is our mission to help you achieve your objectives and generate results with our commitment to providing excellent forums for networking, contact building and lead generation. We operate in the Nordics, having grown even towards the European market in recent years, but run our business with our internationall team of professionals based in Stockholm, Sweden.